Saturday, 13 August 2011


OK. Today's (brief) post is about a TV show that i've been watching for a few years, and has been rather spectacular the last few seasons (for the American's it's already over but here in the UK we're about half way through)

Smallville is "the young adventures of superman".
The show tells us stories of Clark Kent (superman) as he grows up. How he gains all his powers and grows to be the person we know from the films.

It shows you Clark fighting to keep Smallville (his "home town") safe as he goes through high school, and in later series Metropolis (where he works)

We're told about how he overcomes all his problems of being a Kryptonian on Earth.

The show has it's up and downs in terms of quality (specifically in the middle)  but the last 2 or 3 seasons have been nothing short of spectacular (and will be missed when it's done D=)


  1. I personally never got into this series. It aired (in Canada on YTV) a few years ago. Probably too young back then to enjoy shows like these

  2. I think my girlfriend used to watch this.