Monday, 20 June 2011

Pen and paper RPGs

One of the commenter's on my last post asked me to be a bit more descriptive about pen and paper (p+p) RPG's. I originally put this as part of the last post, but because it's rather large i decided to turn it into a separate one.

So here's a quick explanation of p+p RPGs. They start by (after getting a group of players, and one person to play as the "Dungeon Master" (DM)) creating your character(s if needed). This is done by making choices, and/or rolling dice to determine things about your character (race, statistics/attributes, class, and skills etc. are all examples (starting equipment might be, but it might also be predetermined by your other choices)).

After everyone has created their characters they set about playing the game! The DM will describe the surroundings and guide the players through a story, which can take place over one session or multiple session (typically called a campaign).

During a session the group (of players) will encounter various problems, and will have to use their skills (either as individuals or as a group) to overcome them, or make decisions about what to do. For instance, they might be attacked by hostile enemies, so they could decide to attack back and kill/incapacitate the attackers, or try and get some sort of negotiation going, both of which could impact later on in the session (or campaign). Sessions are also a way of gaining money (to be used as seen fit/needed) and equipment to use to make the character more powerful.

The group generally gains experience through out the session and when they reach a certain threshold will "level up" (meaning they gain more powerful in some way, such as an increase in stats/attributes or in skills). This means they can face harder challenges/enemies, until eventually they can take on the "big bad end boss/guy" (though the DM may decide to do this earlier or later as needed (or desired))

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Fire Emblem RPG

OK, so in my last post I told you all how much I've been enjoying playing Fire emblem (for the Wii). While playing it one day it occured to me: "this would make a half decent RPG". RPG in this sense means pen and paper (ala dungeons and dragons or Shadowrun), as opposed to a digital RPG (ala Final fantasy, diablo, Dragon quest etc).

The games has a lot of RPG esque elements already built in (stats, weapon proficiencies, skills etc) so i figure it won't be hard to translate across, and there are some attempts at it out there already (though they all have something i personally think is wrong).

So what are your thoughts? do you enjoy p+p rpgs? does this seem like it might be an ok idea? Leave feedback below =)

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

It's been a few days since I posted. This is mostly due to me being busy playing a game, specifically:

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. This is the 10th game of the Fire Emblem series (though no previous experience appears to be needed (this is my first encounter with the series and everything seems to make sense)). The game is for for the Wii and uses the classical controller style (holding the wiimote sideways).

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Better off Ted

Today I thought I'd mention a TV show. This is one of my favourites, and aired recently (by recently I mean the last year or so).

Better Off Ted. This show is a comedy sitcom. The show follows the life of Ted Crisp, the head of the R&D department of the company "Veridian Dynamics". The company is some evil conglomerate, trying to turn everyone into mindless drones by controlling every aspects of their lives through creating different things (pills that give you a huge energy boost, perfectly aerodynamic bagels etc.).

The characters and cast are both fantastic. Each with their own unique characteristics and quirks.

Unfortunately the series was cancelled, and there are only 26 episodes (around 25-30 mins each), however i recommend giving it a look if you see it on/around (If you live in the UK you can see it on FX at around 3pm)

Monday, 6 June 2011


Ok, I've done a post on Anime, so I figured I'd go for a post relating to games this time:

Pangya is a massively multilayer online (MMO) game. The game is basicaly fantasy golf. You play as a character (there's currently about 9 or 10 I believe, you can buy them with the ingame currency) and basicaly play golf around different courses and holes (the courses are different environments and have different obstacles. One course is a sunny beach, another is a volcanic wasteland for instance).

Characters, clothes, caddies and clubs have stats associated with them (a total of 6 stats), some more important than others (strength for instance increases how far you can hit the ball where as accuracy has very little noticeable effect). You can buy new items and what not from the shop.

The game can be free to play (there's no subscription fee and you can buy a lot of things just with the ingame currency (pang). However you can also spend actual money to buy better stuff (at lower levels too)).]

There's different game types, a simple versus mode (play 3,6,9 or 18 holes with up to 4 people playing), a tournament mode (play a 9 or 18 holes against up to 30 people with a time limit or until everyone's finished). Pang battle, where by the player (or team) that does the best on a hole wins all the pang for that hole (up to 4 people). "Approach", where players try and hit the ball as close to the hole as possible without hitting it in (the closest people get treasure chests and each hole potentially has a challenge to earn bonus chests. Chests contain items (some you might not even be available in shops anymore)) (up to 30 players). And finally Guild (where players from 2 guilds play each other).

There's plenty of events (currently you can find 4 different "deities" and when you have 2 of each you can exchange for a box which contains a prize) running through out the year (something that happens pretty much twice a week is playing a game with the GMs (though it's hard to get into it given everyone wants in for all the bonus swag you get).

The game has regular updates to fix bugs, prepare for new events, cycle out items and add more content (though the later is a bit rarer) As well as fairly decent support (I've had to contact them a few times for various things (mostly about hackers)) and a good forum set up where you can talk to others who play the game and ask for help about an problems or general advice.

A thing worth noting is that if you're good at maths (and can be bothered) you can actually memorise the algorithms people have found for getting a near 100% guaranteed hole in one,  or beam impact (a special shot where you chip the ball into the hole without it touching the the ground first, which nets 100 pang). You can also get power shots which let you do special shots (each used for a different situation).

Anyway I've been ranting on long enough! I might make a follow up post at some point if people are interested!

Sunday, 5 June 2011


So I thought I'd spend my first post talking about an anime that has been airing over the last couple of seasons:

Gosick is set in the early 1900's and revolves around a young girl and boy. The girl has increasable detective capabilities (sort of a Sherlock Holmes), and the guy is the equivalent of Watson.

The first episode sets us up for the rest of the series, as such it's a bit slow, and doesn't really kick in until the end of the episode. However when the show kicks in it's enjoyable to watch. I  highly recommend giving it a look if you're for something to watch.