Saturday, 18 June 2011

Fire Emblem RPG

OK, so in my last post I told you all how much I've been enjoying playing Fire emblem (for the Wii). While playing it one day it occured to me: "this would make a half decent RPG". RPG in this sense means pen and paper (ala dungeons and dragons or Shadowrun), as opposed to a digital RPG (ala Final fantasy, diablo, Dragon quest etc).

The games has a lot of RPG esque elements already built in (stats, weapon proficiencies, skills etc) so i figure it won't be hard to translate across, and there are some attempts at it out there already (though they all have something i personally think is wrong).

So what are your thoughts? do you enjoy p+p rpgs? does this seem like it might be an ok idea? Leave feedback below =)

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  1. could you be a bit more descriptive about P+P rpgs? and fire emblem is fun