Saturday, 11 June 2011

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

It's been a few days since I posted. This is mostly due to me being busy playing a game, specifically:

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. This is the 10th game of the Fire Emblem series (though no previous experience appears to be needed (this is my first encounter with the series and everything seems to make sense)). The game is for for the Wii and uses the classical controller style (holding the wiimote sideways).

Fire emblem is split into chapters. Each chapter is made up of a series of parts, with each part being a mission (and a series of conversations before and after each mission to advance the plot). The first chapter deals with a series people (varying ages and skills, both male and female). They're "rebels", they plan to free there country that was handed over to a neighbouring nation after losing a war, the army of whom they believe is mistreating them.

Throughout the game your party expands to include more and more people, some of which come as part of the plot, others enter mid-mission and you have to talk to them to get them to join you. The interesting thing about the Fire Emblem series is that when a member of your party dies, they stay dead. There's no way to resurrect them (important characters dying results in a game over), so while it's an interesting mechanic, can be annoying and mean you have to save your game a lot.

Game play is fairly straight forward (characters move on a grid and can only attack with a certain range), the combat system is intuitive (stats about a fight are displayed before declaring an attack (such as HP, hit rate, dmg, and crit rate)) and you level at a decent rate.


  1. Sweet, you got a Wii :)

    That eagle eye view of the boxes and the second screenshot reminds me of Yu-Gi-Oh on the PS1 though.

  2. I still remember playing Red Emblem on my game boy advance. Kinda reminds be of a turn based rpg game, final fantasy tactics advance

  3. hrmmm i used to like fire emblem but i sort of just fell away from it. i should check it out again

  4. I have played it on Snes i mean one of game from FE series not this one. Nice J-Strategy with more... epic scale than tactical FF Tactics.

  5. fire emblem is my joint. <3

  6. Looks good, but unfortunately I don't have a Wii..
    I had a Fire Emblem game on gba though and it was really cool!

  7. I've always hated the "death is pernament" mechanic, means if a single unit dies I have to restart the mission.