Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Red vs Blue

Today I decided to talk about a web series called Red Vs Blue.

RvB is a Machinima series. Episodes are created by recording footage of people playing the Halo games, and adding voices to the characters in editing (and in later series they even start using their own animation via a green screen).

The premis of the series is there are 2 bases in a canyon. One for the Reds, one for the Blues. As One of the characters points out in the first episode, the only they each have a base there, is because the other team does.

Shenanigans soon ensue as each "spies" on the other and attempts to steal the other teams flag. Later series branch out of the canyon and ad in more characters, as well as a more over arching plot (as opposed to very loose plots in the earlier series).

The show is full of gags, and rarely references the halo universe (there are a couple of little nods to the series). The Rooster Teeth Crew (the company who created the series), also make a few cameo's in the Halo games.

I recommend giving the series a watch, even if you're not a halo fan. Also check out The Rooster Teeth shorts, which are little sketches that usually take place around the rooster teeth office (I may make a later post on these).

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  1. I watched a few of these years ago but couldn't really stay interested enough to continue.

  2. I've seen some of the clips and they are hilarious, even though halo is old.