Sunday, 20 November 2011

Wow, an update?!

Yes that's right! Today's update will be about a webcomic called "Finder's Keepers".

This web comic started in 2008, and written, drawn and coloured by Garth Cameron Graham after he stopped making his previous web comic "Comedity" to pursue making Finder's Keepers.

The story revolves around Cailyn Asher, your typical normal person, until one day Card, from "the other side of the veil" appears in her life. Through a series of events Cailyn ends up laying claim to Card, and they become bound together.

We follow Cailyn and Card's adventures on the other side of the veil, where all myths, legends and folk tales exist, as well as personification of natural forces (Death is portrayed by a spunky goth girl!). This all shows and you can tell Garth has put the effort into researching all of this (or knows his stuff).

The artwork of the comic is beautiful and well coloured, and is laid out in a traditional comic format (you can even chose to have 2 pages next to each other as though you're reading a printed version!).

I highly recomend reading, the comic is only on chapter 6 currently (plus a prologue and an intermission), so it won't take long to catch up . The comic updates Tuesday's and Friday's (when Garth can manage (currently his computer is dead!))

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